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Stockholm 2003


"Linguistic functional domains, language planning and national languages"

Eröffnung des EFNIL-Kongresses


Gerhard Stickel: Opening of the EFNIL-conference


Professor Vassiliki Dendrinou: Linguistic diversity vs national language protectionism: language planning in action in Greece


Jan Olav Fretland – Norsk språkråd


Jan Olav Fretland: Positive and negative effects on the relations between the two Norwegian language varieties Bokmål and Nynorsk from legislation and other official regulations


Conférence annuelle de la fédération européenne des institutions linguistiques nationales


Présentation de la table ronde


Johan Van Hoorde: Is de toestand werkelijk zo ernstig? Functieverlies in het Nederlands


Johan Van Hoorde: Ma le cose stanno andando davvero così male? Perdita di funzionalità nel neerlandese


Johan Van Hoorde: Is it really that bad? Loss of functionality in Dutch


Gerhard Stickel: Sprachpolitik in Deutschland oder: der Mangel daran


John Simpson: The English Language: what happens when language policy is not explicit?


Mikael Reuter: An Action programme for Swedish in Finland


Guðrún Kvaran: Icelandic Language Policy in Past, Present and Future


Olle Josephson: Sverige på tröskeln till mångspråkighet – en ny svensk språkpolitik


Olle Josephson: Sweden on the treshold to multilingualism – a new Swedish language policy


Niels Davidsen-Nielsen: Language policy in Denmark – with special reference to functional domains
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