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About the EFNIL Master’s Thesis Award

The EFNIL Master’s Thesis Award is an annual competition to find the best master’s theses in Europe within the area of language use, language policy and multilingualism.

EFNIL wishes to inspire and motivate young researchers to engage in scientific projects on language use, language policy and multilingualism, and to disseminate new ground-breaking research on language use, language policy and multilingualism to a wider audience.

The students that submit the best three theses will each be awarded:

1. the EFNIL Master's Thesis Award (1500 Euro)

2. an invitation to present their thesis at the annual international EFNIL conference (all expenses paid)

3. the opportunity to publish an article based on their thesis in EFNIL’s annual conference proceedings

4. the opportunity to publish the full thesis on EFNIL’s website 

Next submission deadline is 15 January 2024.

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