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META-FORUM 2021: Using the European Language Grid

META-FORUM 2021 will take place on 15-17 November 2021.

The third annual ELG conference META-FORUM 2021 will be a virtual ZOOM conference (hosted from Berlin, Germany) and as usual is free of charge.

Selected Highlights:
• European Language Grid Release 2: Current state of play
• European Language Equality project: First results
• Presentation of the ELG Pilot Projects 
• Language Technology and Artificial Intelligence: Building Bridges in the EU
• Current EU and national projects in the wider Language Technology area
• Virtual expo featuring 25+ projects in Gathertown
• Reports from the European Language Technology industry

Of special interest to EFNIL members will be the Session 5: European Language Equality on the 3rd day (17th of November).

More information, link of the registration and the programme can be found on the website.

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