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Tallinn 2019


"Language and Economy. Language industries in a Multilingual Europe"


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Tõnu Tender/ Ludwig M. Eichinger (eds.): Language and Economy. Language industries in a Multilingual Europe Contributions to the EFNIL Conference 2019 in Tallinn. ISBN 978-963-9074-84-2 (Print), 978-963-9074-85-9 (PDF) Budapest: MTA Nyelvtudományi Intézet, 2020

Florian Coulmas (IN-AEST Institute of East Asian Studies, University of Duisburg-Essen): Economic Theory and the diffusion of languages
Frieda Steurs (Instituut voor de Nederlandse Taal (INT) / KU Leuven): Language is business. The challenges of a single digital market in a multilingual society
Ludwig Eichinger (Institut für Deutsche Sprache (IDS)): An economical solution for linguistic interaction in a multilingual economic setting
Marco Civico in collaboration with François Grin (Observatoire Economie, Langue et Formation, Université de Genève): Language economics : overview, applications and recent methodological developments
Inkaliisa Vihonen-Peuranen (European Commission / DGT): Language Industry Platform LIND and national market surveys
Merit-Ene Ilja (European Commission / DGT): Quo vadis, institutional translation?
Alexandra Panagakou (European Commission / DG Interpretation SCIC): Outline of a new skill profile for interpreters as language professionals in the EU
Ilse van der Horst and Karlijn Waterman (Union of the Dutch Language): Dutch is everywhere: field study of the use and benefits of Dutch language skills in Italy and Poland
Mixed session on Language industry and on Plain language
Mark Fišel (University of Tartu): Applied Natural Language Processing at Tartu University
Katrin Hallik (Institute of the Estonian Language): How to Build Clear Language Strategy in Estonia
Peter Revsbech ( Language technology and language industry. From online dictionaries to language technology services
Margit Langemets, Jelena Kallas and Tõnu Tender (Institute of the Estonian Language): Opening up Estonian dictionaries for European communities and language technology
Albina Auksoriūtė, Jurgita Jaroslavienė (Institute of the Lithuanian Language): Innovations and challenges in the digital transformation of the Lithuanian language industry

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