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Conference publications

Vilnius 2022
"Language and Migration"
Cavtat 2021
"The Role of National Language Institutions in the Digital Age"
Tallinn 2019
"Language and Economy. Language industries in a Multilingual Europe"
Vilnius 2013
"Translation and Interpretation in Europe"
Amsterdam 2018
"Language variation: a factor of increasing language complexity and a challenge for language policy within Europe"
Mannheim 2017
"National language institutions and national languages"
Warsaw 2016
"Stereotypes and linguistic prejudices in Europe"
Stockholm 2003
"Linguistic functional domains, language planning and national languages"
Paris 2004
"European cooperation in translation"
Brussels 2005
"Foreign language teaching and language policy in Europe"
Madrid 2006
"Examples and models of pluricentric languages"
Firenze 2014
"Language use in university teaching and research past, present, future"
Helsinki 2015
"Language use in public administration. Theory and practice in the European states"
Budapest 2012
"Lexical Challenges in Multilingual Europe"
London 2011
"The Role of Language Education in Creating a Multilingual Europe"
Thessaloniki 2010
"Language, languages and new technologies: ICT in the service of languages"
Dublin 2009
The following contributions to the Conference 2009 in Dublin are available in print at Peter Lang, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften, Frankfurt am Main.
Lisbon 2008
"Language use in Europe"
Riga 2007
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