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General Assembly Conference 13–14 October 2003

Conference site: “Vår gård”, Saltsjöbaden, Stockholm

Interpretation from English, French, German, Italian, Scandinavian and Spanish to English, French, German (main language of each speech in brackets)


Monday 13 October


  • 10:15–10:55 Welcome and opening
  • 10:15.10:25 Wellcome by Olle Josephson, Swedish Language Council and Nordic Language Council (Swedish), and Gerhard Stickel, Chairman of the Steering committee of EFNIL (German)
  • 10:30.10:50 Opening speech by Mrs Marita Ulvskog, Minister of Culture, Sweden (Scandinavian)


11:00–13:00 Theme 1: Linguistic functional domains, language planning and national languages

Reports from member organizations in the form of short speeches, followed by questions and discussions Chairman: Mrs Pirkko Nuolijärvi, Finland 

Functional domains, language planning . and the .white site. project (Italiano, Nederlands )

  •  11:20.11:40 Vassiliki Dendrinou and Anastasios-Fivos Christides, Κέντρο Ελληνικής

Γλώσσας/Kentro Ellinikis Glossas (Centre for Greek Language):

Linguistic diversity vs national language protectionism. Language planning in action in Greece (English)

  •  11:40.12:00 Pirjo Hiidenmaa and Mikael Reuter Kotimaisten kielten tutkimuskeskus/

Forskningscentralen för de inhemska språken (The Research Institute for the Languages in Finland):

Language planning in Finland (English and Scandinavian)

Guidelines for a Danish language policy . with special references to functional domains (Scandinavian)

  •  12:20.12:40 Olle Josephson, Svenska språknämnden (Swedish Language Council):

Sweden on the verge of multilingual society . a new language policy (Svenska)

  •  12:40.13:00 Francesco Sabatini, Accademia della Crusca: State linguistic policy in Italy and the role of the Academies (Italian)


13:00–14:00 Lunch


14:00–16:00 Theme 1 continued

Chairman: Mr Niels Davidsen Nielsen, Denmark

  • 14:00.14:20 Guðrún Kvaran, Íslendsk málnefnd (Icelandic Language Council):

Icelandic language policy in past, present and future (Scandinavian)

Positive and negative effects of legislation and other official regulation as an  instrument in the relation between the two Norwegian language forms

Bokmål and Nynorsk (Norsk)

  •  14:40.15:00 Francisco Nuno Ramos, Instituto Camões (Portugal):

Portuguese Language, Strategic Language in the context of globalisation

The English language . what happens when language policy is not explicit? (English)

  •  15:20.15:40 Gerhard Stickel, Institut für Deutsche Sprache (Institute of the German Language): Language policy in Germany and the lack of it (German)
  •  15:40.16:00 Bernard Cerquiglini, Délégation générale à la langue française (General Delegation of the French Language and the Languages of France):

National languages and plurilingualism . a challenge to the expanding Europe (French)

  •  16:00.16:10 Goytisolo, Luis, Real Academia, Española (Spain):

El papel de las Academias en la política lingüística hispánica


16:10–16:30 Coffee


16:30–18:30 Theme 1 continued: Summing-up discussion

Chairman: Mr Mikael Reuter, Finland


19:30 Conference dinner at Vår Gård

Host: Ministry of Culture, Sweden, represented by State Secretary Mrs Gunilla Thorgren


Tuesday 14 October


8:30–10:30 Theme 2: Language legislation and national languages

Short introductory remarks from six countries (Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Italy)

Chairmen:  Mr Bernard Cerquiglini, Mr Abraham Bengio, Mr Jean-Claude Baldi, France


10:30–11:00 Coffee


11:00–12:00 EFNIL General Assembly

Chairman: Mr Pietro Beltrami. Italy, Please see separate agenda


12:00–13:00 Lunch


13:00–14:30 EFNIL General Assembly continued

Chairman: Mr Gerhard Stickel, Germany


14:30 Closing by Mr Gerhard Stickel


14:35–15:00 Coffee



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