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Institute for Serbian Language of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Country to which the institution belongs


Foundation date


Type of institution

Scientific Research Institute

Parent body or organisation

Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Language with which the institution is concerned


Description of objectives, tasks and primary activities of the institution

Institute for the Serbian language is a central scholarly institution dedicated to synchronic and diachronic studies of the Serbian language and to compiling its major dictionaries. Apart from practical lexicogra phy (dictionary of contemporary language, etymological dictionary,

historical dictionary, dialectological dictionaries, a tergo dictionary, etc.) its collaborators are engaged in theoretical lexicography and lexicology, dialectology, etymology, historical linguistics, standardization issues, and other disciplines of Serbian linguistics. The Institute has recently begun a systematic work on digitization of dictionaries and lexicographic materials.

Responsible person

Jasna Vlajić-Popović, PhD (Director)

Number of staff

71 (65 researchers, 6 technical support)

Periodicals and serial publications

Srpski dijalektološki zbornik (scientific journal)

Južnoslovenski filolog (scientific journal)

Naš jezik (scientific journal)

Lingvističke aktuelnosti (scientific journal)

Series „Biblioteka Južnoslovenskog filologa”

Series „Monografije“

Addresss of the institution

Knez Mihailova 36/I, 11000 Beograd, Srbija

Languages in which the organisation is able to communicate actively

Serbian, English, Russian

Languages in which the instituion is able to receive communications

Serbian, English, French, Italian, German, Turkish, all Slavic languages

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