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Opera del Vocabolario Italiano (OVI)


Countries to which the institution belongs


Foundation Date


Type of institution


Parent body or organisation

National Research Council (Public Research Institution)

Language with which the institution is concerned


Description of objectives, tasks and primary activities of the institution

Task of the Italian Dictionary is the elaboration of the historical Italian dictionary, of which is now compiling the earliest section, up to 14th century (Tesoro della Lingua Italiana delle Origini). This section is regularly published online, as soon as the entries are completed,on the Italian Dictionary website. In the frame of this project the Italian Dictionary developes and publishes online a huge database of Old Italian and elaborates informatic procedures for lexicogrphy.

Responsible person

Pietro G. Beltrami (Chief Editor).

Number of staff

Permanent: 13 (7 researchers, 4 office workers, 2 accountants).
Temporary: 5.
A varying number a external collaborators (up to 7/8).

Periodicals and serial publications

Bollettino dell’Opera del Vocabolario Italiano (I, 1994; II, 1997; then annual, last issued: VIII, 2003).

Address of the institution

via di Castello 46, I-50141 Firenze
tel. +39055452841 - fax +390554250678
E-mail (Chief Editor)
E-mail (Administration)

Languages in which the organisation is able to communicate actively

English, Français.

Languages in which the institution is able to receive communications

Deutsch, Español, Svenska.

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