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Accademia della Crusca

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Type of institution

Academy, research institute

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Description of objectives, tasks and primary activities of the institution

the Accademia della Crusca is among the leading institutions in the field of research on the Italian language. At present its activity is centered on the following:

·       supporting scientific activity and the training of new researchers in Italian linguistics and philology through its Centres and in cooperation with Universities;

·       acquiring and spreading, in Italian society as a whole and especially in schools, historical knowledge of the Italian language and awareness of its present evolution, in the context of the cross-linguistic exchanges that are so common in the present world;

collaborating with the most important foreign institutions as well as with Italian and European Governments, to support the cause of multilingualism on our continent.

Responsible person

President, Claudio Marazzini

Number of staff

6 units

Periodicals and serial publications

3 annual periodicals, 1 bi-annual

Address of the institution

Firenze, Italy

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Languages in which the institution is able to receive communications

Italian, English, French

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