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19 November
·  Arrival of participants in Madrid
·  20.00 h Informal reception for the participants

20 November
·  09.30 – 11.30 h Opening Session
o Welcome address by Dr. Victor García de la Concha, Director of the Real Academia
o Welcome address by Ms. Dr. Carmen Calvo, Minister of Culture of Spain
o Address by Mr. Pedro Chaves, European Commission
o Opening address by Prof. Gerhard Stickel, president of EFNIL
o Introductory lecture by Prof. Miquel Siguan Solér (Barcelona): “Lenguas y estados
nacionales (National languages and states)”
o Introductory lecture by Prof. Àngel López García-Molins (Valencia): “Lenguas
pluricéntricas y adscripciones territoriales (Pluricentric languages and territorial
·  12.00 – 14.00 h Working Session 1: Examples and models of pluricentric languages
o Spanish: José Antonio Pascual, Madrid
o Hungarian: Istvan Kenesei, Budapest
o German: Ludwig M. Eichinger, Mannheim
Moderation: Xavier North, Paris

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