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How to use ELM?

Warning: we are aware of the technical problem with the display of large queries.
  • Click the Select data tab and select questions and countries. You may select as many as you like or all countries and questions at once.

  • Select comments after each question if you want to see comments, quotes, references, links and translations of the relevant legislation.

  • Presentation ‘Country/Question’ toggles the vertical or horizontal presentation of the data.

  • Select Submit or press the Enter key on your keyboard to start the search with the selected search criteria.

  • Use the Go back button in your browser or the Alt + Left arrow keys on your keyboard to go back and modify your search criteria.

  • Click on ‘Select data’ to start from scratch.

  • You can also use ‘Search’ to search the whole database for a relevant term, e.g. German, Danish or university, to see in which country and which legislation or practice description  it is mentioned.

  • You can copy maps and quantitative data directly from the web page with crtl-c and insert them into a spreadsheet. Note, however, that there may be problems with data consisting of multiple text blocks, as they contain extra line feeds.


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